• Pengaruh Pemberian Vanadil Sulfat dan Kromium (III) Klorida terhadap Fungsi Ginjal Mencit Putih Diabetes
    Vol 1 No 1 (2019)

    ABSTRACT: The objective of this study was to identify the effect of two heavy
    metals, vanadyl sulphate and chromium (III) chloride on creatinine level of
    hyperglycemic mice induced by dexamethasone 11mg/kg. The experimental
    animals were grouped into five groups comprised of 5 white mice. Group I was
    used as control group, only received standard feeding and food supplement.
    Group II-V were induced with dexamethasone 11mg/kg to increase the blood
    glucose level. Group III was also given chromium (III) chloride 5.2 ug/20g.
    Group IV was also given vanadyl sulphate at the dose of 0.78 mg/20g. Group
    V received combination of vanadyl sulphate 0.39 mg/20g and chromium (III)
    chloride 2.6 ug/20g. The level of blood creatininewas determined by enzymatic
    method conducted for 42 days and observations were taken at day 7, 21 and 42.
    This study concluded that administration of vanadyl sulphate and chromium
    (III) chloride combination significantly reduced blood creatinine level of white
    mice (p<0,05).

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